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Door Mats 4 You bring you some of the best door mat news from around the world. If you're looking to waste a few minutes with our somewhat tounge-in-cheek doormat articles ... read on ...

03-10-2015 Door Mat with Integrated Turnstyle
Should Mats 4 You produce a door mat with integrated turnstyle? From lighthearted discussions on forums it has been suggested that people these days no longer wipe their feet when they come in!
27-07-2015 Choosing A Doormat To Protect Wood Flooring
A doormat mightn't be the first thing on your mind when you're choosing your new wooden floor, but in many ways, it should be.
20-06-2015 The Worlds Most Hi-Tech Door Mat?
Wow, this could well be the worlds most hi-tech door mat.
24-10-2014 Door Mats in Health and Safety Row
A door mat has been at the center of a row between Bedford Council and a tennant regarding health and safety regulations in a story published in the Daily Mail online .
17-08-2012 Ryan: China treating Obama like a 'doormat'
According to CBS News vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Thursday accused President Obama of allowing China to treat him like a "doormat" and failing to stop its economic cheating.